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Cocktail & Dinner Music

Looking for more out of a DJ?

Extreme Entertainment provides every event with Cocktail & Dinner Music. In addition to a standard 4-hour block of dancing music, we include an extra set of wireless speakers to be placed opposite from the DJ.

By placing extra speakers around the banquet room, Extreme Entertainment has now created a light comfortable atmosphere of elegant music that will appeal to all generations. We can create this elegant atmosphere by keeping the volume low on each speaker while achieving optimal sound quality and giving your guests the ability to have comfortable dinner conversations without shouting or missing an important toast.

Included with Cocktail & Dinner Music are Grand Introductions of Parents & the Wedding Party, Wireless Microphone for toasts and speeches, and the ability to host your personal alternative to ‘Clinking Of Glasses’ which will entertain your guests throughout dinner.  Need suggestions for alternatives, we have a few ideas.

Cocktail Dinner Music Microphone
Uplighting ceremony lights